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Marketing and platform building for the Christian author

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The Struggle is Real!

Being an author is not just about the stories you tell or books you write, it’s also about building your brand, connecting with readers, and developing a platform that can help you sell more books. It’s not just a career, it’s a business.
Yet, as an author, you could probably care less what audio clip is trending on social media or the steps required to set up a welcome sequence for your email list. All you want to do is write!
We get it.
That’s why we started The Author’s Write Hand. We’re a marketing and platform building agency dedicated to assisting authors (unpublished, published, or indie) with the tasks they don’t like so they can focus on the ones they do.
If you’re looking for a right hand to lighten your author workload, then The Author’s Write Hand may be just what you need! Contact us today to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation.

"Like Visiting Angels home-care provides wonderful service for loved ones, the team at Author’s Write Hand are angels providing outstanding content and specialized support for writers. I was spread thin and could not manage the technical, PR, and social media skill demands necessary for success. The AWH team analyzed my needs and filled the gaps like the capable, cheerful angels they are, letting me continue with the storytelling I do best. Now my platform building is going forward and being done with excellence matching the best in the industry."

- Delores Topliff,  Author

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