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Commonly Asked Questions

We understand you may have questions about our services and how everything works. It’s natural! Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions we receive that might help put your mind at ease:

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Will I work with the whole AWH team or just one person?

Your time with The Author’s Write Hand will include interactions with several of our team members to ensure you receive the highest quality of assistance. You will have one main point of contact to make communication easier, but know that our entire team is focused on your success.

What software do you use with your clients?

Our goal is to make things simple so we don’t use a lot of fancy “equipment”. Google Drive is our main way to share documents, spreadsheets, and images. We also share information by email, text messages, and phone calls. As for programs and software we are familiar with most of what our clients use (Mailchimp, Canva, etc) and if you have something we aren’t knowledgeable on, we’ll figure it out!

Do you write everything (social media posts, newsletters, etc) or do I?

As an author we know you have your own writing style and voice and would never try to replicate that ourselves. Plus, we know it’s for those exact reasons why readers follow you! As much as possible we let you do the writing (since that’s what you like to do) but we strategize with you about what to write then take care of posting or scheduling it for you.

How do you know my design preferences?

We will use your brand kit (colors, fonts, etc) to design any graphics necessary so as to stay in line with what your audience is used to. If you don’t have a brand kit, we can help you develop one so that your media is consistent across all your platforms and strive to offer you plenty of options to choose from.


When we first start working together we send out a questionnaire to find out your design preferences so we are all on the same page right from the start. But whatever we design, you, the author, always have the final say.

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