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What does an Author Want for Christmas?

Hi Author,

As the holiday season wraps us in its glittering embrace, I (Liana) find myself contemplating the true essence of Christmas – the spirit of giving, of love, and of course, the joy of receiving heartfelt gifts.

This year, my wish list, like that of many authors, isn’t filled with material things, but rather with the intangible treasures that make our writing journey truly magical.

  • The Gift of Time

At the top of every author’s wish list, you’ll find the precious gift of time. In the bustling cacophony of everyday life, finding time to write, to craft the stories that dance in our minds, is a challenge. Imagine having uninterrupted hours to explore the depths of our creativity, to weave intricate plots, and to breathe life into characters.

That, my friends, is the ultimate gift.

To have the freedom to write without the constant worry of marketing tasks, social media updates, and promotional activities would be a dream come true. Time, after all, is the essence of creativity.

  • Reader Reviews that Resonate

Next on my wish list are those heartfelt reader reviews that touch our souls. Each word, each praise, and even each critique, is a validation of our hard work and dedication. Reviews are not just a measure of our success; they are a connection, a bridge between the author and the reader.

To receive reviews that resonate, that reflect the emotions we poured into our stories, is akin to receiving a warm hug on a chilly winter day. Readers hold the power to make an author’s day by sharing their thoughts. Your reviews are cherished more than you can imagine.

  • Doses of Creativity

As authors, we thrive on creativity. But even the most imaginative minds need a little nudge now and then. This Christmas, I wish for bursts of creativity – whether it’s a quirky writing prompt, a beautifully illustrated book, or a simple walk in nature that sparks a new idea.

Creative inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places, and these little doses of creativity are like magic potions, rejuvenating our imaginative spirits and helping us craft stories that resonate deeply with readers.

  • A Supportive Community

Last but certainly not least, every author dreams of being part of a supportive community – a tribe of fellow writers, readers, and enthusiasts who understand the challenges and triumphs of the writing process. Writing can be a solitary endeavor, but having a community to share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate achievements adds a whole new dimension to our creative pursuits.

A supportive community is a sanctuary where ideas flourish, where encouragement flows freely, and where dreams are not just pursued individually but collectively. It’s a haven of inspiration and understanding, making the writing journey all the more fulfilling.

So, there you have it, the items on my author's Christmas wish list. These gifts, though intangible, have the power to transform a writer’s world, making our literary adventures all the more meaningful and enriching. While they can’t be wrapped up and placed under the tree, it would be a great joy to receive them!

Whether you’re fortunate enough to find these presents or blessed with something completely different on Christmas morning, may your holiday season be filled with the magic of words and the joy of storytelling. Happy writing and Merry Christmas!


Liana, Danielle, & Team

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