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Summer Prep for Authors: Essential Tips for a Productive Summer

Summer is upon us, which means it's time for some fun in the sun!

But for writers, it also means distractions galore, with kids home from school, family vacations, and all sorts of other activities.

So, how can authors keep up with their writing during this busy time? We’ve come up with a few tips to keep you writing away while still having fun in the sun.

6 Tips for a Productive Writing Summer

1. Set a realistic writing schedule. The first step in preparing to write during the summer is to set a realistic writing schedule. This means taking into account all of the other things going on in your life and finding a time to write that works for you. For example, if your kids are home during the day, you might want to wake up early and write for an hour before they wake up. Alternatively, you might choose to write late at night after they go to bed. Whatever schedule you choose, make sure it is something that you can realistically stick to.

2. Create a designated writing space. Another way to prepare for writing during the summer is to create a designated writing space. This could be a home office, a quiet corner of a coffee shop, or even a park bench. Having a designated space where you go to write can help you get into the writing mindset and make the most of your writing time. Hopefully, with minimal distractions!

3. Keep your writing supplies organized. When things get busy, it's easy to misplace your writing supplies or forget where you left off in your writing. To avoid this, keep your writing supplies organized. This could mean having a specific notebook or folder for each project you're working on, or using an app like Evernote or Scrivener to keep everything in one place.

4. Use downtime for brainstorming and planning. Even if you don't have a lot of time to write during the summer, you can still use downtime for brainstorming and planning. For example, if you're on a long car ride or waiting in line at the grocery store, use that time to jot down ideas for your next chapter or plot twist. By the time you sit down to write, you'll already have a plan in place.

5. Take advantage of technology. Technology can be a writer's best friend during the summer. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use apps like Google Docs or Microsoft Word to write on the go. You can also use apps like Pomodoro or Focus@Will to help you stay focused and productive during your writing sessions.

6. Make writing a priority. Finally, the most important thing you can do to prepare for writing during the summer is to make writing a priority. This means setting aside time for writing every day, even if it's just for 15 minutes. It also means being willing to say no to other activities or events if they interfere with your writing schedule.

There’s no denying that writing during the summer can be a challenge! But with some preparation, it's possible to stay on track and make progress on your writing goals. Happy writing!

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