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Gifts Every Author Will Want to See Under the Tree This Christmas

For authors one of the primary focuses at Christmas is marketing and selling books.

Black Friday Sales!

Christmas Specials!

It can also be a time to prepare for the new year and all the writing projects they want to undertake.

Start a new manuscript!

Query agents and publishers!

It’s like a holiday hamster wheel, with no signs of getting off any time soon (what’s often referred to in the industry as a necessary evil).

But in order for authors to keep churning out the words and stories that entertain us, they need some TLC too! So just as we need to show gratitude to our readers, we need to shower the writers in our lives with pampering as well.

Gift Ideas for Authors

Here are a few gift ideas every author will want to open up on December 25th, either as a gift from Ol’ St. Nick himself, or from beloved family and friends:

1. Books, books and more books. It’s no secret writers are readers so books top the list for our author wishlist! Whether it’s a favorite fiction book they can escape with for a bit or a craft book they can use to improve their writing skills, your favorite author will enjoy any manner of book - eBook, paperback, hardback, audio, or even a bookstore gift card - to cozy up with next to the fireplace!

2. Bookplates. It’s not uncommon for readers to ask authors for some type of signage to accompany their books. If they can’t get an autographed edition, a personalized bookplate is a good alternative to send to fans. We love bookplates designed by Erika Plum Creations! Not only are they super cute but they’re super affordable too!

3. Magazine subscription. Pursuing their favorite writer magazine, like Writer’s Digest, is a great way for authors to spend an afternoon. And knowing they’ll receive a copy each month in the mail (or digitally) is a bonus!

4. Funds to attend a writing class or conference. Authors, no matter how established they are in their careers, should always be learning. But over time, that can become costly. Why not gift your favorite author a scholarship to attend a class or conference, gift them a hotel room for when they head out to one, or donate air miles to make the cost of getting to a conference a little easier.

5. A massage. Writers spend a lot of time seated at their desks hunched over their computers. That can lead to sore muscles - which means a gift certificate for a massage would be just the trick to relieve any aches and pains! Definitely a great way to pamper your beloved author!

6. Comfortable furniture. As noted in Gift #5 above, writers are well-known for passing large amounts of time at their desks. Make sure they are working in style - and staying healthy - with an ergonomic chair and possibly even a standing desk.

7. Idea catchers. Writers are notorious for coming up with ideas at the most inconvenient times! A great way to help them capture all the amazing plotlines, book titles and character sketches that tickle their brains would be to invest in some fun idea “catchers”: there’s an Aquanotes for when inspiration hits while showering, post-it notes for when another story pops up while they are still finishing one, and post-it book flags to mark their favorite sentences in a beloved book!

8. Office Supplies. Pens (any color, but especially red), pencils, paper clips, Sharpies. Writers love ALL of them! Help your author have all the essentials on hand, just make sure to spice them up a little!!

9. Noise canceling headphones. Concentration is a must for any great work of art to be created! To help drown out all the noise - either in the house, office, or coffee shop - a great pair of noise cancelling headphones is a must! We love these Beats Headphones. They ensure that any outside noise stays at bay so that a writer’s imaginary friends can have center stage!

10. An extra pair of hands! When an author is on a deadline or just needs that extra time to focus on their manuscript, an extra pair of hands can make all the difference! For help around the house, consider hiring a maid service; with laundry, take advantage of wash and fold services at your local laundromat; with kids, arrange for a babysitter or family member to keep them for a weekend; with marketing, hire The Author’s Write Hand! We have gift certificates available so you can take the pressure of platform building away from your writer and let us do the heavy lifting!

If you aren’t sure what to gift the author in your life, we hope these ideas will offer some help! And no matter which of these presents you wrap up and place under the Christmas tree this year, they’re sure to love it!

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