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Author Back-to-School: 7 Resources to Catapult Your Author Marketing

Do you hear it?

It’s the shrill sound of school bells ringing, heavy backpacks landing on desktops, and buses honking their horns as they roll down neighborhood streets.

Of course, these ubiquitous noises can only mean one thing: school is back in session!

For authors, this time of year presents a unique opportunity to refresh their marketing strategies and reinvigorate their book promotions. Just as students head back to classrooms, you can embrace a back-to-school mentality and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to soar in the competitive world of publishing.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start learning!

Book Resources

Marketing Like Jesus by Darren Shearer. This insightful book draws parallels between the teachings of Jesus Christ and modern marketing strategies. Darren Shearer's approach provides a fresh perspective on ethical and empathetic marketing, guiding authors toward building genuine connections with their readers.

The Conquering Creative by William Warren. Creativity is the lifeblood of successful author marketing. William Warren's book delves into the art of nurturing and harnessing creativity, offering practical techniques to unlock your imaginative potential and infuse it into your marketing endeavors.

Artpreneur by Miriam Schulman. Creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Miriam Schulman's "Artpreneur" delves into the intersection of artistry and business acumen, offering authors invaluable insights into how to effectively monetize their creative endeavors.

Podcast Resources

Book Marketing Simplified with Jenn Hansen dePaula. Tune in to this podcast for actionable strategies and practical tips to simplify your book marketing efforts. Jenn Hansen dePaula's episodes cover a wide range of topics, from social media engagement to author branding, helping authors navigate the ever-evolving landscape of book promotion.

Book Marketing Mania with Kim Stewart. In this dynamic podcast, Kim Stewart dives deep into the world of book marketing, sharing success stories, interviews with industry experts, and cutting-edge techniques to ignite your marketing campaigns. Tune in for a burst of inspiration and insights.

Blog Resources

David Gaughran's Blog. David Gaughran, a seasoned indie author and marketing guru, shares his wealth of knowledge on this blog. His posts cover everything from optimizing book metadata to mastering Amazon ads, making it a must-read resource for authors seeking to enhance their online visibility.

Jane Friedman's Blog. Jane Friedman's blog is a treasure trove of advice for both traditional and self-published authors. With her deep understanding of the publishing industry, she offers insights on author platforms, writing craft, and strategic marketing, empowering authors to make informed decisions.

As you prepare to dive into the new season of author marketing, remember that learning is a continuous journey. Just as students gather new supplies and embark on fresh academic challenges, authors can gather knowledge from these invaluable resources to propel their marketing efforts forward. Whether you're refining your social media presence, fine-tuning your author brand, or exploring innovative promotional techniques, these resources will serve as your guiding light.

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