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3 Marketing Mistakes that Scare Off Readers

For most authors, marketing is scary! What do I share? How do I use the complex platforms available to get my posts, blogs, and newsletters out?

But for a reader, author marketing can be just as frightening! When not done properly, an author’s marketing efforts can spook their audience and cause them to run in the other direction.

No author wants that!

But sadly, many writers don’t know they’re even scaring anyone with their marketing. They’re simply doing what they’ve “been told to do” not realizing that it’s turning off readers.

That doesn’t have to be the case. Today, we’re sharing three common mistakes we see authors making and offering our best tips so your marketing can stop being spooky and start being spectacular!

3 Marketing Mistakes that Scare Off Readers

Mistake #1 - Selling not Sharing

Your book is out in the world - congratulations! Now you need to start selling it, right? Of course, but most authors make the mistake of bombarding their audience with “Buy my book, buy my book” in their social media posts and newsletters rather than building up to that ask.

Don’t fall into that trap!

Instead of constantly asking people to buy your book, share the journey of writing the book with your audience before it even hits the stands. Talk about the plot knots, the crappy first drafts, the bags of chocolate you consumed while writing it. Ask them to help name a character or choose a book cover.

By involving them in the process along the way, they’ll grow to love you and your book. In doing so, you won’t have to ask them to buy it when it releases. Instead, they’ll be pushing the buy button the minute it goes on pre-order!

Mistake #2 - Ghosting Them

In any serious relationship, there is some level of constant communication. Without it the relationship slowly withers and dies.

It’s the same for the partnership between an author and their readers. When you, the author, fail to keep up your responsibility to communicate with your audience regularly you take the chance of severing the connection you have with them.

Only showing up in their inbox or on their social media newsfeed every six months or only when you have a book releasing is basically “ghosting them”. They know it and most of them aren’t looking for that kind of relationship. They want an author who will show up on the rough days (when the words refuse to come) and the sunny ones (when you type THE END).

So be an author they can count on. Make consistent communication with your readers a priority (at least one monthly newsletter and a few social media posts on your Author Page each week) and watch the relationship blossom!

Mistake #3 - Taking Not Giving

As authors we ask a lot of our readers:

  • Buy my book

  • Leave a review

  • Join my launch team

  • Tell your friends about me/my books

  • Sign up for my newsletter

  • Buy my next book

Yet relationships can’t be one-sided. You can’t always be taking from your audience or asking them to carry the load all the time. You have to be giving too.

(And yes, we know you’ve given blood, sweat, and tears to produce your latest work. And we’re not discounting that. At. All.)

But from a marketing point of view, what else could you be giving to your readers as a “thank you” for all they’ve done to show their love and devotion to you?

Here are a few ideas you might want to consider::

  • Giveaway a free book or gift card in your newsletter each month

  • Share a deleted scene from your latest release with them

  • Let them have a sneak peek at your latest WIP

  • Host an Author Q & A call/Zoom and answer their most pressing questions

  • Reply back when they reach out

It doesn’t have to be much, but you can’t always be the one taking in a relationship. When it’s a 50/50 exchange, the relationship is that much stronger and sweeter.

The relationship you have with your audience is critical. Don’t let your scary marketing efforts ruin a spectacular author-reader connection. Instead, utilize these tips and keep the flame burning!

And should you need it, The Author’s Write Hand is available for relationship counseling and assistance :)

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